Family History of Edward Norman Savage

Researched by Nora Miller Turman 21-Nov-1988

Surnames: Belote, Bull, French, Gunter, Jordan, Mears, Savage

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E.N. Savage

1. Edward Norman Savage b. 1889, Accomack Co, VA m. Nannie Mears, 3-Aug-1916 d. 6-Sep-1955, buried: Mt. Holly Cemetery, Onancock, VA.


2. Edward James Savage b. 1848 m. Cordelia Davis Belote, 23-Nov-1884 d. 31-Jan-1929, buried: Mt. Holly Cemetery, Onancock, VA.

3. Cordelia Davis "Big Mama" Belote b. 22-Feb-1862 d. Oct-1936, buried Mt. Holly Cemetery, Onancock, VA.

Grand Parents

4. Edward James Savage b. 1823 m. Mary Elizabeth Belote, 18-Oct-1847 d. 1873, buried: Mt. Holly Cemetery, Onancock, VA.

5. Mary Elizabeth Belote b. Dec-1829 d. 18-Jul-1901, buried: Mt. Holly Cemetery, Onancock, VA.

6. John William Belote b. 21-Nov-1836 m. Susan S. Belote 9-May-1860 d. 23-Jan-1903

7. Susan S. Belote b. 30-Aug-1840 d. 23-Jan-1903

Great Grand Parents

8. George Savage m. Harriot Chambers Bull 26-Aug-1822 d. 1847

9. Harriot Chambers Bull b. a 1784 d. 1858

10. Charles Belote (Father of Mary Elizabeth Belote)

Great-Great Grand Parents

11. John Savage d. a 1820 m. Sally

Great-Great-Great Grand Parents

12. Abel Savage b. a 1738 m. (1) Barsheba Gunter (2) Nancy d. 1794

Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Parents

13. Parker Savage m. Sarah d. 1753

14. Joseph Gunter (Father of Barsheba Gunter)

Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Parents

15. William Savage m. Phebe "French" - 2nd marriage d. 1727

Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Parents

16. John Savage m. Dorothy Jordan 18-Dec-1660 d. 1709

Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Parents

17. Thomas Savage m. Rebecca d. 1655

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