Twentieth Generation

137. Henry II20 Plantagenet King of England (Geoffrey V21, Fulk V22 , Fulk IV23, Aubri-Geoffrey24, Geoffrey III25)(570) was born in Le Mans, France, 5 Mar 1132/3.(571) Henry died 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon, at 56 years of age.(572)

He married Eleanor C'tess of Poitou, Duchess of Aquitaine 18 May 1153.(573) Eleanor was born 1123.(574) Eleanor(575) was the daughter of William VIII Duke of Aquitaine and Eleanor de Chastellerault. Eleanor died 31 Mar 1204 at 80 years of age.(576)

Henry II Plantagenet King of England and Eleanor C'tess of Poitou, Duchess of Aquitaine had the following children:

child 138 i. William19 Plantagenet(577) was born, 1152.(578) William died 1156 at 4 years of age.(579)

child 139 ii. Henry Plantagenet(580) was born, 28 Feb 1154/5.(581) Henry died 11 Jun 1183 at 28 years of age.(582)

child 140 iii. Matilda 'Maud' Plantagenet(583) was born, 1156.(584) Matilda died 1189 at 33 years of age.(585)

child 141 iv. Richard 'the Lion Hart' Plantagenet I (King of England)(586) was born, circa 1157.

child 142 v. Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke of Brittany(587) was born, 23 Sep 1158.(588) Geoffrey died 19 Aug 1186 at 27 years of age.(589)

child 143 vi. Eleanor Plantagenet(590) was born, 13 Oct 1162.(591) Eleanor died Oct 1214 at 52 years of age.(592) She married Alphonso VII King of Castile Sep 1177.(593) Alphonso VIII was born 1155.(594) Alphonso VIII died 6 Oct 1214 at 59 years of age.(595)

child 144 vii. Joan Plantagenet(596) was born, Oct 1165.(597) Joan died 4 Sep 1199 at 33 years of age.(598)

child + 118 viii. John I Plantagenet King of England was born 24 Dec 1166.(599)

Henry II Plantagenet King of England had the following child:

child 145 ix. William Longespee Plantagenet Earl of Salisbury(600) was born, 1176.(601) William died 7 Mar 1224/5 at 48 years of age.(602)

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