Twenty-First Generation

167. Geoffrey V21 Plantagenet Count of Anjou (Fulk V22 , Fulk IV23, Aubri-Geoffrey24, Geoffrey III25)(687) was born in Anjou, France, 24 Aug 1113.(688) Geoffrey V died 7 Sep 1151 at 38 years of age.(689)

He married Matilda 'Maud' Queen of England 22 May 1127.(690) Maud was born 1103.(691) Maud(692) was the daughter of Henry I Beauclerc King of England and Edith 'Matilda' Canmore. Maud died 10 Sep 1167 at 64 years of age.(693)

Geoffrey V Plantagenet Count of Anjou and Matilda 'Maud' Queen of England had the following children:

child + 137 i. Henry II20 Plantagenet King of England was born 5 Mar 1132/3.(694)

child 168 ii. Geoffrey VI Plantagenet Count of Anjou(695) was born, 1 Jun 1134.(696) Geoffrey died 27 Jul 1157 at 23 years of age.(697)

child 169 iii. William Plantagenet Count of Poitou(698) was born, 21 Jul 1136.(699) William died 30 Jan 1163/4 at 27 years of age.(700)

Geoffrey V Plantagenet Count of Anjou had the following children:

child 170 iv. Emma Plantagenet(701) was born, circa 1145.

child 171 v. Hamelin Plantagenet Earl of Surrey(702) was born, circa 1147. Hamelin died 7 May 1202 at 54 years of age.(703)

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