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Descendants of Richard Tull, 1st

Generation No. 1

1. Richard1 Tull, 1st died Bef. October 20, 1594. He married Margaret 'Unknown'. She died Bef. January 10, 1597/98.

Children of Richard Tull and Margaret 'Unknown' are:

+ 2 i. Richard2 Tull, 2nd, died Bef. August 26, 1620.
3 ii. Henry Tull.
4 iii. John Tull.
5 iv. Francis Tull.
6 v. Joan Tull. She married William Joyce.
7 vi. Bridget Tull.
8 vii. Sarah Tull. She married John Goddard.
9 viii. Elizabeth Tull.
10 ix. 'Daughter' Tull. She married William Waller.
11 x. Ann Tull. She married Ingorum Baghurst.
+ 12 xi. Gyles Tull I, born Abt. 1578; died Bet. 1643 - 1651.

Generation No. 2

2. Richard2 Tull, 2nd (Richard1) died Bef. August 26, 1620. He married Sibell 'Unknown'. She died 1643.

Children of Richard Tull and Sibell 'Unknown' are:

+ 13 i. Thomas3 Tull, 1st, died Bef. November 07, 1656.
+ 14 ii. Richard Tull, 3rd, died Bef. January 16, 1620/21.
15 iii. Joan Tull, died in Bucklebury, Berkshire, England. She married Richard Iremonger.
16 iv. Elizabeth Tull. She married 'Unknown' Silvester.
17 v. Margaret Tull. She married Richard Tyler.

12. Gyles2 Tull I (Richard1) was born Abt. 1578, and died Bet. 1643 - 1651. He married (1) Mary Marshall 1599. She died 1603. He married (2) Margery Deane Aft. 1603. She died Bef. March 02, 1623/24. He married (3) Avis White Bef. 1630, daughter of George White and Maria 'Unknown'. She died 1651.

Children of Gyles Tull and Margery Deane are:

+ 18 i. James3 Tull, 1st, died Bef. June 25, 1673.
19 ii. Jethro Tull, died in Midhurst, Sussex, England. He married Mary Farmer.
20 iii. Sarah Tull. She married Walter Dicker.
21 iv. Margaret Tull, born February 28, 1606/07; died November 13, 1611.
+ 22 v. Susan Tull, born August 11, 1616.
23 vi. Gyles Tull II, born November 01, 1618.
24 vii. Mary Tull, born April 22, 1621. She married Thomas Patey.
25 viii. Margaret Tull, born February 01, 1622/23; died November 16, 1673. She married Thomas Hawkins October 02, 1656; died May 09, 1669.

Children of Gyles Tull and Avis White are:

26 i. Avis3 Tull.
27 ii. Joane Tull.
+ 28 iii. Thomas Tull, Sr., born Bet. 1639 - May 1643 in Midgham, Berkshire, England; died Bef. June 27, 1720 in Annemessex, Somerset Co, MD.
+ 29 iv. Richard Tull, Sr., born Abt. 1640; died June 11, 1711 in Somerset Co, MD.

Generation No. 3

13. Thomas3 Tull, 1st (Richard2, Richard1) died Bef. November 07, 1656. He married Margaret Hedges. She died Bef. January 18, 1661/62.

Children of Thomas Tull and Margaret Hedges are:

30 i. Thomas4 Tull, 2nd, born Bef. May 14, 1620; died Bef. October 18, 1674 in Midgham, Berkshire, Eng.. He married Eleanor Browne October 19, 1640; born Bef. February 26, 1619/20; died Bef. December 12, 1711.
31 ii. Robert Tull, born Bef. November 09, 1623; died Bef. August 21, 1662. He married Frances 'Unknown'.
32 iii. Richard Tull, born Bef. January 01, 1625/26; died June 09, 1661 in St. Mary's, Reading, England. He married Elizabeth 'Unknown'; died Bef. March 20, 1685/86.
33 iv. Peter Tull, born Bef. June 12, 1629.

14. Richard3 Tull, 3rd (Richard2, Richard1) died Bef. January 16, 1620/21. He married Christian Lyford November 07, 1600 in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire, England. She died Bef. March 13, 1659/60.

Children of Richard Tull and Christian Lyford are:

34 i. Richard4 Tull, 4th, born Aft. 1600.
35 ii. Thomas Tull, born Aft. 1600.
36 iii. Gyles Tull, born Aft. 1600.
37 iv. Elizabeth Tull, born Aft. 1600.

18. James3 Tull, 1st (Gyles2, Richard1) died Bef. June 25, 1673. He married Joan Cowper January 18, 1634/35 in Bradfield, England. She died Bef. December 15, 1696.

Children of James Tull and Joan Cowper are:

38 i. Cornelius4 Tull, born December 04, 1636; died January 15, 1636/37.
39 ii. James Tull, 2nd, born March 21, 1636/37; died May 05, 1637.
40 iii. Joane Tull, born April 05, 1639.
41 iv. Ann Tull, born January 01, 1640/41.
42 v. Jethro Tull, 1st, born January 01, 1643/44. He married Dorothy Buckridge.
43 vi. James Tull, 3rd, born March 21, 1646/47. He married Jane 'Unknown'.
44 vii. Giles Tull, born September 23, 1649.
45 viii. Margery Tull, born March 28, 1652.
46 ix. Mary Tull, born March 14, 1653/54.

22. Susan3 Tull (Gyles2, Richard1) was born August 11, 1616. She married John Palmer

Child of Susan Tull and John Palmer is:

47 i. Jethro4 Palmer.

28. Thomas3 Tull, Sr. (Gyles2, Richard1) was born Bet. 1639 - May 1643 in Midgham, Berkshire, England, and died Bef. June 27, 1720 in Annemessex, Somerset Co, MD. He married (1) Mary Minshall October 10, 1666, daughter of Jeffrey Minshall and Frances Carseley. She was born Abt. 1651 in Northampton Co., VA, and died 1685 in Annemessex, Somerset Co, MD. He married (2) Ann 'Unknown' Aft. 1685. She died in Annemessex, Somerset Co, MD. He married (3) Katherine 'Unknown' Bef. 1720. She died Aft. 1720.

Notes for Thomas Tull, Sr.:
The following is a summation which was posted on the Tull TULL-D Digest V01 #41. It addresses the problems associated with the Irish theory which was found in A Biographical Sketch of the Life of John Porter Tull and his Descendents by James Porter Tull. 

The Tull list is administered by Roy Juch, whose wife is a Tull descendent. Roy has 1000's of Tull descendants in his files. He can be reached at

>Porter Tull offered no proof to back up his Irish theory. He simply
>asserted that it reflected, "....the authentic records of Ireland,
>England and Virginia", but without any indication of where others might
>look to examine such records. As for the Irish diaspora, he pointed
>vaguely to "....the highest Irish authorities" who he said claimed that
>the "Cromwellian devastations" had scattered "the ancient Irish
>proprietors and their children....from one end of the world to the
>Dramatic stuff - but well short of the standards of genealogical
>certitude. Nevertheless, in the absence of other, more soundly based
>versions of the Tull family background, these brief pages have been
>accepted by many without challenge to the present day. Part of the
>appeal of this theory is doubtless that there is just example. It is
>quite true that there was a Berkshire yeoman named Thomas Tull whose
>will was indeed recorded there in 1656, who had a son named Thomas ( &
>another named Richard), and an uncle named John Tull. But there reality
>This Thomas Tull who died in 1556 married a Margaret Hedges (d.1663) but
>he was born (and buried) in Berkshire, not Ireland. Again, both were
>born and died locally. Thomas was also the grandson of a Richard Tull
>who died in 1594 and Margaret (or Margery) who died in 1598. Their
>final resting place is in the Midgham church yard. Further, Thomas's
>son, Thomas (1620-1674), did not emigrate but in 1640 married an Eleanor
>Browne (1620-1711). They had three sons, none of whom emigrated and all
>died in England. Brother Richard 1626-1661 married Elizabeth (
>) - both are buried in Midgham.
>In fact, Tulls have lived in Berkshire for over 600 years. One of the
>earliest references to them was in the Colthrop (Manor) Court Rolls when
>in 1367 it was noted that, "John Fryday, tithingman, presents (i.e.,
>charges) that William Heyward unlawfully drew blood from John Tull of
>In 1990 during his own research into the family's history, Mr. Stanley
>Tull now of Sarasota, Florida, a descendent of immigrant Thomas through
>Thomas's son Richard 1670-1710) and grandson Solomon (1697-1773),
>contracted with one of England's leading genealogical research firms,
>Achievements Ltd. of Canterbury, for a study of that history during the
>first half of the 17th century. Achievements investigated a host of
>records during its work in the following months and years. By 1993 it
>had uncovered many Tulls and Tull families in Berkshire - but no link
>whatsoever between them and Maotuile, Kyras Tully, Matthew Tully/Tull or
>Ireland in general.

29. Richard3 Tull, Sr. (Gyles2, Richard1) was born Abt. 1640, and died June 11, 1711 in Somerset Co, MD. He married (1) Martha Roades March 09, 1671/72 in Somerset Co., MD, daughter of John Roades and Katherine 'Unknown'. She was born March 06, 1654/55 in Southhampton, Hampshire, England, and died 1709 in Somerset Co., MD. He married (2) Margaret Polk Abt. 1709 in MD, daughter of Robert Polk and Magdalen Tasker. She was born 1679 in MD.

See also The Tull Family and Ancestors of Thomas Tull, Sr.

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