The Will of Mary GOWTEE
August 20, 1764
Transcribed and posted by ghote Bob Gootee.

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Mary Gowtee of Accomack County being of sound mind and disposing memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and desirous to settle all my worldly affairs, do by these presents make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following, to wit,

I devise unto my son, Joseph Gowtee his heirs and assign for ever the Plantation and land whereon I now live on condition he gives unto my two daughters, Mary and Triphina two negroes that is to say the negro girl called Sarah to Triphina and the boy called Stephen unto Mary to them and their heirs. But if the said Joseph should deny or refuse to deliver the said negroes unto my aforesaid daughters when by them required, then I devise the said land and Plantation unto my son Lisney Gowtee his heirs and assigns forever on condition that the said Lisney when by aforesaid daughters reasonably required, pay unto each of them a good negro of about twelve years old.

I give unto my son John Gowtee my negro woman called Press to him and his heirs and assign forever he paying unto my son Andrew twenty pounds (£20) current money and in case any of my children should clain any right to any part of the said negro woman by virtue of any claim from their Fathers estate, then I hereby direct that all such of my estate herein given to them shall be void and such ones part shall go to those who relinquish their claim to the said negro woman I give unto my son Lisney my hand mill to him and assigns.

I give unto my daughter Trephina my horse and sadle to her and her assigned and also my trunk with lock and key and all such things as shall be found therein at the time of my death.

I give unto my daughter Mary my mare and sadle to her and her assigned also the goods and other things she now has in her possession.

I give unto my daughter Trephina her choice of my beds with furniture thereto belonging.

Lastly I devise all of the remainder of my personal estate to be sold and that my debts be justly paid out of the same and the overplus of such sale be divided amongst all my children and I hereby nominate my two sons Lisney and John executors of this my will. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of August Anno Dom 1764.
                                                                   Mary Gowtee made her mark
Published and declared

In presence off
John Massey
Leaven Taylor                              In a Court continued & held for Acco. County
William Shipman                         November 27, 1764

The within last will and testament of Mary Gowtee deceased was presented and proved by the oaths of John Massey and Levin Taylor two of the witnesses thereto and admitted to record. Joseph Gowtee heir at law to the decedent being present and having nothing to object and on the motion of Lisney Gowtee one of the executors therein named. John Gowtee the other executor relinquishing taking upon himself the trust thereof taking the oath and giving John Massey and Levin Taylor for his securitys who entered into and acknowledged a bond for that purpose. Certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in due form.
                                                              signed Cha. Holden  Co Clk Acco

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