The Will of William Andrews

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Linda and herd, This is the Andrews family, i.e., the William Andrews of the Eastern Shore. Hope this helps. Ray M.

Will of John ANDREWES of Cambridge, co. Cambridge, merchant, intending to go into Ireland. His wife Easter Andrews is sole executrix. She is to have (1) his house and grounds etc. in the parish of St. Clement in Cambridge, (2) his profits in certain houses in Longlane near London, and (3) his houses in Spittlehouse End in London. Property in (1) and (3) is his wife's only during her widowhood, after which (1) goes to his son John ANDREWES and his heirs, and (3) goes to his son Francis ANDREWES and his heirs. Property in (2) goes to his son William ANDREWES and his heirs, upon his majority.

To his sons Richard and George Andrewes, 150 each at 21.

To his daughters Easter, Elizabeth and Clara, 150 each at 21 or on their marriage days, as their mother decides.

To his son John ANDREWES the stock of 25 in the Virginia Company, and 10 yearly during his mother's widowhood from the property in St. Clement's parish.

To his son William ANDREWES 50, when that sum is to be paid by his master's bond.

To his son Francis ANDREWES 100 at 21.

All other goods to his wife, except 5 to John YAXLEY and Robert PRANCE, his friends and overseers of his will.

A dead son's or daughter's share shall be divided equally among surviving sons or daughters. If his wife Easter remarries, within a month before her marriage she must give bond of 2000 marks for execution of the will; otherwise she is to lose her benefits under the will and be replaced as executor by his son William ANDREWES, who shall give the same bond.

Signed 7 Sept. 1609.

Witnesses John YAXLEY, Robert SPICER, Robert PRANCE.

A codicil of 21 March 1610 notes that John ANDREWES, understanding that his son John ANDREWES has died in Virginia, acquits his wife of an annual payment of 10 to this son. The 50 put into the Virginia Company ( 25 in his own name and 25 in his son John's name) is to go his son William. The houses in Longlane near London have been sold for 180 to John MEREDITH; William ANDREWES is to have this sum, or else the houses. The codicil is witnessed by Robert PRANCE. Probate at London on 4 June 1616 to Hester ANDREWES, widow and executrix of the deceased.

(Abstracted in Virginia Historical Magazine XI, 155.)


Title: Will of John ANDREWES Dates 1616 References Index of Wills P.C.C. 1605-1619, Vol. V, 13. Examined 10 Feb. 1960 Exposures 2 Reel No. To be copied This entry is on the third f. verso and fourth f., both sides, of 66 COPE.

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