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Virginia County Wills

Vol. 9 pg 30

Northampton Co.

George Freshwater -Northampton Co. 26 Oct. 1717- 17 Mar 1717/18 Sons: George, Thomas, Mark & Matthew. dau. Rose & Sarah, dau Elizabeth Rasco; grandaughter Comfort Freshwater, wife Elizabeth (Bibby) Extx:

Wit: John Eyre, Daniel Eyre, William Eyre and Samuel Burton.


Vol. 10 pg. 73

Northampton Co. Wills

Elizabeth Freshwater- 14 Aug. 1733- Sons George, Mark & Matthew, dau. Elizabeth Rascoe, dau Rossands (?) Loughly, dau. Sarah Casten & her son Matthew Casten, dau. Comfort Dunton.

Exe. Sons Thomas & Mark.

Wit: Thomas Moor, Frances Moore


Vol. 10 pg. 85

George Freshwater. 2 June 1739 - 9 Oct. 1739.

Dau. Elizabeth Mills, son Mark, grandson John Mills,

Son John & son-in-law Jacob Mills Exe.

Wit: Isaac Moor, Hillby(?) Hunt & Francis Moor.

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