The Will of John RESPASS

John Respess WILL
Northamption County, VA 1771

In the name of God, Amen.

I John Respess of Northamption county being very sick at this time, do make and ordaine this my last will and testament.

First I give every one of my grandchildren one negro girl each exception those to which I have hereto given on. The smallest negroes to the smallest children.

Item, I give my granddaughter Sophia Respess that part my land running by a middle fence from the lane between my land and James Goffigans, orphan, about a north course so far as to range with Berthalls south and line, from there to the road and down the road to the south west corner of the said land, and then by the lane to the said middle fence, also acres to the eastward of the said land, running so as to take about half the wood land the southeast corner of my plantation, whith paying three hunderd pounds each to the of my grandchildren, those who are to share the rest of my estate namely Esther, Betsy, Peggy, Sukey and Matthew.

Item, All the rest of my estate both real and personal, I leave to be equally divided among those five grand children aforesaid Esther, Betsy, Peggy, Sukey and Matthew after paying all my just debts.

Item, I give my daughter Sophia one negro boy Southy, Southy excepted of the aforesaid.

Item, I nominate and appoint Henry Harmanson and Nathaniel Goffigan my executors to this my last will and testament, dated this 10th day of October 1791

Sealed and aknowledge in the presence of Nathaniel Goffigan, George Smaw, Peggy Smaw At a court held for Northamption Co. the 13th day of December 1791

This will was proved by the oaths of Nathaniel Gofigan, Henry Smaw Witnesses Be recorded and upon the motion of Henry harmonson, Executor there on appointed, who took the oath and gave bond witt security according to law, a certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate of in due form


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