Northampton County, Virginia. Order Book 40 1837-41, pp. 500-501

Smith J. Nottingham, Jacob Nottingham, & Thomas Badger Pltffs


Sally J. Nelson Deft

Upon the application for the establishment of a Public landing & road thereto

The day came as well the said applicants by their attorney, as Sally J. Nelson proprietor of the lands on & through which the said landing road are proposed to be established & constructed, and the sheriff pursuant to a unit in the nature of a writ of ad quod damnum awarded at August Term last, returned an inquisition in these words: Northampton County Sct. Inquisition taken before me Richard Mapp Deputy for John Ker Shff of the said county on the lands of Sally J. Nelson proposed by Smith Nottingham & others for the establishment of a Publick Landing & road on the 14th day of August 1841 by Louis D. Heath, Robins Mapp, Michael R[?] Matthews, Edwin J. Fisher, John F. Bell, James Savage, Thomas L. Jacob, Griffith Godwin, John G. Turner, George Bell, James Dalby, & Smith Bell, twelve able & discrete freeholders of the vicinage no ways related to the parties who were summoned empaneled sworn & charged by me as directed by the writ of ad quod damnum hereto annexed - The said jurors have located and subscribed by metes & bound one acre of land at the Red Bank landing belonging to the said Sally J. Nelson for the said Public Landing viz. one acre beginning at the stob at the Northeast corner of the wharf & running in a northwest direction twenty yards to a stob thence in a Southwestern direction seventy yards to a stob & thence in a Southeastern direction to another stob at the water's edge & have valued the same at the price of twenty four dollars as its true value & have also viewed the lands of the said Sally J. Nelson through which a road leading to the said Public landing is proposed to be constructed & taking into estimation as well the use of the lands to be laid open for such road as the additional fencing which will thereby be rendered necessary, upon oaths as say that the damage to the said Sally J. Nelson of establishing the said road will be one hundred and eight dollars making in the whole with the aforesaid twenty four dollars one hundred & thirty two dollars. In witness whereof as will, I the said sheriff as the said jurors have hereto set their hands & seals the day and year above written. Louis D. Heath (seal) robins Mapp (seal)Michael R. Matthews (seal) Edwin J. Fisher (seal) John F. Bell (seal) James Savage (seal) Thomas S. Jacob (seal) Griffin Godwin (seal) John G. Turner (seal) George Bell (seal) James Dalby (seal) Smith Bell (seal) Richard Mapp D.F. for John Ker Sheriff (seal). "Whereupon on hearing as well the said Smith Nottingham, Jacob Nottingham & Thomas W. Badger & Sally Nelson by their attorneys, as the testimony of divers witnesses who were sworn & examined, and all circumstances being weighed, the court is of the opinion & doth accordingly order that the said Public Landing & be established & thus the applicants have cause to open the said Road leading thereto; & that the damages so found by the jury & the costs of the said inquest be presented for allowance at the next county Levy.

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