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Ainsley, Sarah (marriage to Richard Kellam_or Kellem) (i66)


Bell, Sarah (marriage to Edward Kellam) (i61)


Berry, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Perdue) (i47), b.1705-


Dixon, Elizabeth (marriage to George Perdue) (i21)


Fooks, Sabrough (marriage to John Perdue) (i28), b.1735-d.1800


Kellam, Edward (i63), b.1661-d.1737
Kellam, John (i64)


Kellem, Racheal (i59), b.1673-d.1746
Kellem, Racheal (marriage to William Lingo) (i59), b.1673-d.1746
Kellem, Richard (i37), b.1668-
Kellem, Richard Kellam_or (i38), b.1628-d.1703


Leah (marriage to George Perdue) (i34)


Lingo, Ansley (i36), b.1689-
Lingo, Caleb (i43)
Lingo, Daniel (i46), b.1692-
Lingo, Hannah, MRS (marriage to William Lingo) (i35)
Lingo, Jacob (i51), b.1694-
Lingo, John (i41)
Lingo, John (i60), b.1699-
Lingo, Littleton (i45)
Lingo, Mary (i32), b.1695-
Lingo, Mary (marriage to John Perdue) (i32), b.1695-
Lingo, Mary, MRS (marriage to Daniel Lingo) (i58)
Lingo, Richard (i53), b.1696-
Lingo, Richard (i56), b.1735-
Lingo, Sarah, MRS (marriage to John Lingo) (i54)
Lingo, Urselly, MRS (marriage to Jacob Lingo) (i50)
Lingo, William (i42)
Lingo, William (i52), b.1666-d.1727
Lingo, William (i55), b.1733-
Lingo, William (i62), b.1691-
Lingo, William (i65), b.1645-
Lingo, William (marriage to Racheal Kellem) (i52), b.1666-d.1727


Murphy, Mary (marriage to John Hamilton Perdue) (i3), b.1808-d.1892


Perdue, Alexander (i17), b.1848-d.1919
Perdue, Andrew Wood (i1), b.1831-d.1911
Perdue, Eli Louden (i26), b.1765-
Perdue, Ellen (i15), b.1844-d.1920
Perdue, George (i19), b.1757-
Perdue, George (i33), b.1720-d.1770
Perdue, George (marriage to Edith Taylor) (i19), b.1757-
Perdue, James (i27), b.1754-d.1802
Perdue, James Hilliand (i5), b.1828-
Perdue, Jane (i8), b.1834-
Perdue, Jesse Murphy (i6), b.1829-d.1884
Perdue, John (i23), b.1725-d.1802
Perdue, John (i31), b.1695-d.1743
Perdue, John (marriage to Mary Lingo) (i31), b.1695-d.1743
Perdue, John Bailey (i4), b.1825-d.1902
Perdue, John Hamilton (i2), b.1784-d.1860
Perdue, John, Jr. (i25), b.1760-d.1830
Perdue, John, Mrs. (marriage to John Hamilton Perdue) (i22)
Perdue, Lucinda Caroline (i14), b.1843-d.1915
Perdue, Margaret (i49), b.1705-
Perdue, Margaret Ann (i12), b.1839-
Perdue, Marina (i18), b.1850-d.1937
Perdue, Martha F. (i30), b.1778-
Perdue, Martha Jane (i10), b.1836-d.1858
Perdue, Mary Ann (i16), b.1845-
Perdue, Morris Whittington (i11), b.1838-d.1920
Perdue, Sabra F. (i29), b.1775-
Perdue, Seldon Mcmeans (i13), b.1841-d.1910
Perdue, Vincie Catherine (i7), b.1833-d.1890
Perdue, William Riley (i9), b.1835-d.1892


Prideaux, John_or Richard, MR (i48), b.1670-


Susanna (marriage to James Perdue) (i57)


Taylor, Edith (i20), b.1756-d.1803
Taylor, Edith (marriage to George Perdue) (i20), b.1756-d.1803
Taylor, Thomas (i39)
Taylor, Thomas (i44), b.1730-


Walker, Arcadia (marriage to John Perdue) (i24), b.1732-


West, Francis (marriage to Richard Kellem) (i40)

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