The Tasley Fire Department

Photos and Commentary by Don Amadeo


(1) One is a pic of our 1939 Ford/Seagrave fire engine and men in dress uniform in front of the firehouse. On the engine l to r are Harold Gladding, Oscar Hopkins, Fred Scott, and an unknown child. Standing l to r are William West, Tommy Mason, Bobby Davis and Wilson Payne. Circa 1939 to early 1940's.

(2) Another is a pic of our 1927 Deluge Master built by the Prospect Fire Engine Co. of Prospect, Ohio, mounted on a Biederman truck chassis. First motorized engine, delivered Oct. 1927. This pic is circa late 1920's and shows the firemen in their turnout gear. On the engine are l to r Tracey Lewis, Fred Scott. On fender: Rube Lewis. Standing: John Rew (Chief), George Cherricks, John Cuglar, Tommy Mason, "Peanut" Dorsch. Kneeling are Stewart Scott, T.T. McJilton (President), and Wesley Powell.

(3) Another is of the 1927 Prospect pumping from a hydrant once located behind Lewis' Grocery. At one time Tasley had three hydrants fed by the railroad water tanks, which were used to provide water for the steam locomotives. Chief John Rew is in the white coat. Circa late 1920's.

(4) The last pic is of Tasley's first piece of firefighting equipment. This 35 gallon soda-acid cart was hand drawn or towed behind a vehicle to fires. It was ordered from H.R. Bennett Company in Parksley in February of 1926. This cart and the 4 fire extinguishers were the first pieces of firefighting equipment owned by the Tasley VFC. On the left is G. Tom Mears and on the right is T.T. "Mac" McJilton.

(5) This photo depicts the 1927 firehouse in the 1930's. Note the clock and flyers displayed on the right side of the building, the old swing - out doors, and the siren on the pole to the left. The siren was presented to the fire company in 1930 by the ladies' auxiliary. Prior to the installation of the siren, firemen were alerted to a call by the steam whistle at A.J. Lilliston's lumber mill. 

(6) This picture shows the 1939 Ford Seagrave at a fire at Kenzie Holland's home between Tasley and Onley, probably during the mid to late 1940's.

(7) Our 1953 Ford Seagrave on parade in Onancock in the mid 1950's. The lady on the step is Elizabeth Gladding in her Auxilliary uniform, which consisted of a white dress, a blue cape with a red satin liner, white gloves, and overseas cap.

(8) It took quite a rain to flood the streets of Tasley like this in the mid 1950's. The 1939 engine is facing south on what was then U.S. 13.

(9) Chief John Rew, Fred Scott, Oscar Hopkins, and Treve Watson pose in front of the 1939 Seageave in front of the station.

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