Eastern Shore of Virginia
Cast Photo
Minstrel Western Production

This wonderful photograph and the information about it were contributed to the Ghotes Web site by Dr. Richard D. White, Jr., of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. White's mother, Mahalinda Parks White, and his grandmother, Mahalinda Kellam Parks, are both in the photo. See other identifications below. 

Our sincere thanks to Dr. White for sharing this photo!

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The picture was taken in 1925.  It is the cast of a local minstrel western that gave several productions across the Shore.  Only two of the cast in the picture are still alive:  Ralph Kellam, the tuxedo-adorned young man at top left; and Mahalinda Parks White (my mother), the four-year toddler seated just above and to the right of the piano.

Other identified cast members are: Mahalinda Kellam Parks (my grandmother and the wife of Sheriff Everett Parks of Onancock) who is seated third from the left in the top row with the large black bow on her dress; Eddie Shultz, wearing glasses and holding a mason jar of corn likker, kneeling next to Mahalinda Parks (Eddie was a German POW during World War I and elected to stay on the Shore and marry instead of returning to Germany); Bob Killmon, dressed as a Chinaman dressed in a black robe and kneeling next to toddler Mahalinda White; Agnes Parker, the blonde lady in the top row wearing black and facing left; Margaret Littleston, the Indian squaw seated on the top of the piano; and John Roach, the Indian seated between Margaret and toddler Mahalinda (this picture was taken shortly before John Roach was arrested for bootlegging and sent to prison by Sheriff Parks.) 


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