Edward James Savage

Researched by Nora Miller Turman 21-Nov-1988

E.J. Savage
William Edward Savage (My Father)
Edward Norman Savage (My Grandfather)
Edward James Savage (My Great-Grandfather)
Bud Gardner (with black bowtie)

Edward James Savage was the eldest son of Edward James and Mary Elizabeth Savage. He was born in 1848 according to his gravestone inscription. He was listed as one year of age living in the household of his parents when the 1850 Census was taken. In 1860 he was listed as 11 years of age with his brother Charles (9), Thomas J. (6), and an unnamed son as 7/12.

On 23-Nov-1884, Edward J. Savage married Cordelia Davis Belote, daughter of William and Susan Belote. (This marriage is listed in my Belote Family Bible. My father was raised, in part by his Grandmother and he refered to her as "Big Mama" ... WES,Jr.)

Edward J. Savage died intestate on the last day of January, 1929. (My family Bible indicates that his death was January 1st...WES,Jr.) Cordelia D. Savage, widow, age 67 years, qualified as executrix on 13-Mar-1939 and listed the heirs (her children) as follows:

William Wharton Savage AGE: Deceased
b. 23-Apr-1886
d. 6-Oct-1911
Leila Haley
m. 2-Aug-1910
Cordie Lee Bell AGE: 41
b. 4-Oct-1887
d. 13-Jan-1965
Dr. John Kellam
m. 2-Jun-1910
Hugh Bell
m. 29-Dec-1926
Edward Norman Savage AGE: 38
b. 1889
d. 6-Sep-1955
Nannie Mears
m. 3-Aug-1916
Alice Belote Gardner AGE: 37
b. 17-Aug-1891
d. 23-Jan-1964
Alfred Bud Gardner
m. 31-Dec-1912
Mary Susan Gardner AGE: 25
b. 24-Jul-1903
d. 1976
W. Clark Gardner
m. 21-Mar-1925

All children had addresses listed as Onley, Virginia.

Notes and References:

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