First Generation

1. Patience1 Hill (Capt. Richard2),(1) daughter of Capt. Richard Hill and Mary Drake, was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1650.(2) Patience died before 15 Nov 1713 in Accomack Co, VA, at approximately 63 years of age.(3)

She married Capt. John Drummond I by 26 Mar 1688 in Accomack Co, VA.(4) John was born 1635 in Accomack Co, VA.(5) John(6) was the son of Richard Drummond. John died 1713 in Accomack Co, VA, at 78 years of age.(7) John's will was probated 6 Jan 1713/4 in Accomack Co, VA.(8)

Patience was named in her father's will 26 Mar 1688.

Patience Hill and Capt. John Drummond I had the following children:

child 2 i. Capt. Richard Drummond I(9) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1670. Richard died 1720 at 50 years of age.(10) He married twice. He married Elizabeth Scarburgh circa 1688.(11) Elizabeth was born circa 1671 in Accomack Co, VA. Elizabeth(12) was the daughter of Col. Charles Scarburgh and Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth died before 1701.(13) He married Ann Tilney circa 1690.(14) Ann was born circa 1650. Ann(15) was the daughter of Col. John Tilney and Anne Smith. Ann died 1736 at 85 years of age.(16) Ann's will was probated 6 Jul 1736 in Accomack Co, VA.(17)

Richard was named in his grandfather's will 26 Mar 1688. Richard was living 1719 in Hunting Creek, Acc Co, VA.(18) Richard's will was probated 3 May 1720 in Accomack Co, VA.(19) The Will of Capt. Richard Drummond (I): In the Name of God Amen I Richard Drummond of Hunting Creek in ye: County of Accomack being sick and weake of Body but of Good & sound Memory Giveing priaise to Almighty God for the same & all other his Mercy, and blessings Bestowed on me & Considering wth, myself the uncertainty of man's Life doe therefore make & appoint this to be my Last Will & Testament revoking all other will, or wills by me formerly made and first and principally I bequeath my soul to God the Great Creator hopin & stedfastly believing Through the meritts & Intersession of Jesus Christ to Receive a full & free pardon for all my sins and a place amonst the Elect in Endless happiness & for what wordly Estate the Lord in his Mercy hath Bestowed on me I doe order & bequeath in manner Following. I Give & bequeath to my son Scarburgh Drummond two Good Beds & furniture fitt for them one to have Curtains & Vallians the other not I also Give my sd. son scarburgh twenty shillings ITEM I g&b to my son Richard Drummond my Plantation I now Live on Including the half of Half Moon Island wt:s all ye: apurtances thereunto belonging to him & his heirs for ever I also Give to my sd. son Richard four Negros (viz) Summers Dick Hagar & Stepney to h&hh.fe only the first Child that the sd. Negro Hager shall bring that shall live to ye. age of two years old I G&b to my grandson Richard Drummond to H&hh Lawfully begotten of his body & my will is that if my sd. Grandson should dye without such Issue as aforesd. that then I Give the sd. Child to my son Richard & hhs fe. I also give to my sd. son Richard my still & all the Apurtenances thereunto belonging -- ITEM -- I G&b to my Grandaughter Elizabeth Drummond my negor Girl Named Sunter to H&hh lawfully begotten of her body but in case the aforesd. Grandaughter sould dye without such Ishue that then I Give ye sd. Girl to my Grandson Richard & hh lawfully begotten & in case my Grandson Richard should dy without such Ishue I give ye. sd. Girl to my Grandson Spencer & hh fe I also Give to my Granddaughter Elizabeth my smalest bed in ye. Hall Chamber & all the furniture thereunto belonging & half a dozen of new pewter dishes & a dozen of new pewter plates & a dozen of new pewter spoons & a peice of new Diaper I bought of my son Richard & a peice of Thred Satin Bought of Mr: William McEldo & a peice of fine Calligoe bought of Mr. Andrew Dalrymple - - ITEM I Give to my son Richard Drummond five Negro's named as followeth (viz) Lawrence, Robin. Bandy Bess & Ben to h&hh fe only the Child that my negro Bess Goes wts. I Give to my Grandson Spencer Drummond &hh lbofhb & my will is that my son Richard Drumond shall Lend my son Scarburgh such nessesarys as he shall think Convenient for his support & my will is also that if my son Scarburgh should Marry & have Lawful Ishue that then my son Richard to pay a young negro to Each of three of his first Children when they shall Come to ye. Age of two years old the sd. young Negrow to be of the same Age or thereabouts -- ITEM I GIVE to my son Richard Drummond all my personal Estate he Lending to his brother Scarburgh such of the same as he & my Brother Hill Drummond shall think nessary for him I doe also Constitute and apoint my Brother Hill Drummond & my son Richard Drummond to be my whole & sole Executors to re this my will dully prformed in all points according to the true Intent & meaning thereof all which I doe Confirm with my hand & seale this 24d day of February Anno: dom: 1719/20. Ri Drummond (seal) Hancock Nickless, Joseph Litchfield, Jacob Litchfield, Joachim Michael. The within Last W&T of Capt. Richard Drummond decd. was proved in open Court of Accomack County by the oaths of Hancock Nickless Joseph Litchfield & Joachim Michael three of ye witnesses to the same. May ye: 3d: 1720 wch. ye. Cert. Admitted to Record. Teste Charles Snead Cl. Cur Com Accomk. (Acc Co Wills, Deeds & c. 1715-1729, vol. i, p. 253).

child 3 ii. Margaret Drummond(20) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1671.(21) Margaret died circa 1752 in Accomack Co, VA.(22) She married twice. She married Edmund Allen circa 1690.(23) Edmund was born 1648 in England.(24) Edmund died 1711 in Accomack Co, VA, at 63 years of age.(25) She married Henry Bagwell before 1713.(26) Henry was born circa 1690.

child 4 iii. Hill Drummond(27) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1680. Hill died 1728 at 48 years of age.(28) He married Sabra Robins circa 1700.(29) Sabra was born circa 1680.

Hill was named in his grandfather's will 26 Mar 1688. Hill's will was probated 4 Jun 1728 in Accomack Co, VA.(30)

child 5 iv. James Drummond(31) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1682. James died 1715 in Jamaica, at 33 years of age.(32) He married Elizabeth (-----) circa 1700.(33) Elizabeth was born circa 1680.

child 6 v. Robert Drummond(34) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1684. Robert died 1718 in Sussex Co, DE, at 34 years of age.(35) He married Elizabeth (-----) an unknown person circa 1700 #L!.(36) Elizabeth was born circa 1680. Elizabeth was living circa 1700 in Sussex Co, PA.(37)

child 7 vi. John Drummond II(38) was born in Accomack Co, VA, 21 Mar 1687/8.(39) John died 1751 in Accomack Co, VA, at 63 years of age.(40) He married Amy Parker circa 1710.(41) Amy was born circa 1690 in Accomack Co, VA. Amy(42) was the daughter of John Parker (II) and Bridgett Sacker. Amy was living 26 Jan 1720/1 in Accomack Co, VA.(43)

child 8 vii. John Drummond(44) was born in Accomack Co, VA, 21 Mar 1687/8.(45) John died before 1713.(46) John was named in his grandfather's will 26 Mar 1688.

child 9 viii. Stephen Drummond(47) was born in Accomack Co, VA, before 26 Mar 1688. Stephen died 1710 at 22 years of age.(48) Stephen was named in his grandfather's will 26 Mar 1688.

child 10 ix. Drake Drummond(49) was born in Accomack Co, VA, by 26 Mar 1688.(50) Drake died 1720 in Somerset Co, MD, at 32 years of age.(51) Drake was named in his grandfather's will 26 Mar 1688.

child 11 x. Mary Drummond(52) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1694. She married (-----) Chance before 1713.(53) (-----) was born circa 1690.

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