The National Recorder

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I have recently found information that shows that the first Eastern Shore newspaper of which there is a record was the National Recorder, published at Accomac (then Drummondtown) by A. S. GOOTEE and C. R. COARD during 1860 and 1861.

The National Recorder seems to have been discontinued at the time of or just prior to the Federal invasion in November 1861. The Regimental Flag, published by the Second Delaware Regiment during its stay of about four months, was printed in the former National Recorder office.

If any members of ghotes or other browsers of this website should happen to have further information on the newspaper or its Editors, Andrew S. Gootee and C. R. Coard, please send it for inclusion on the site. Send by email to and

Many thanks.

Bob Gootee

December 2, 1997

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