Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia, 1854-1895

(Recorded in Licenses & Ministers' Returns)

Compilers: Barry W. Miles and Moody K. Miles, III

Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Bowie, Md 20716,
Phone: 1-800-398-7709 or 1-301-390-7709;
Fax 1-800-276-1760 or 1-301-390-7153;
Heritage Books Website

The authors have compiled the 6,225 marriage records contained in Accomack County Marriage Register No. 3, labeled 1853-1896, and an additional 322 marriage licenses from 1854 to 1874 that were in the Clerk's Office, but were not included in Marriage Register No. 3. This is a companion work to the earlier marriage records of Accomack County (1776-1854) compiled by Nora Miller Turman in 1994 which was also published by Heritage Books, Inc.

All the information in the marriage register and on the licenses is included. A typical record will contain the husband's and wife's full name, age, marital status, race, occupation, birth place, current residence, parents names, date of marriage, place and minister's name. The information is arranged in alphabetical order by husband's name with a bride index.

In addition, the introductory materials include a list of female nicknames used in Accomack County, a list of spelling variations of about 150 surnames used during this period, a list of all the ministers (about 300) that appeared in Register No. 3 and their denominations (where known), a list of the Clerks of Court of this period and illustrative documents of this period including various marriage licenses, parents' consents, and copies of sample pages from Register No. 3.

The book contains 414 pages in a 5 X 8 inch format with a hard cloth cover, $29.00, #M353.

(Prepub Price $23.00 until 30 Jun 1997)

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