Roll of the Galley "Accomac"

From Bob Mears


Roll of the Galley "Accomac"

Virginia State Navy as of October, 1777

Underhill, William, Capt. Milliner, Ro., 1st Lieut.
Andrews, Ishmael, 2nd Lieut. Harris, John, Lt.
Marshall, Jenepher, Master Murray, David, Master Mate
Howard or Hayward, Thos., Midship White, William, Surgeon's Mate
Webb, Ro., Pilot Field, John, Stw'd & Clk.
Cropper, John, Carpenter Wilson (Melson ?) Levin, Cop. Mate
Johnson, Joshua, Boatswain Taylor, Jabez, B. Mate
Broadwater, John, Gunner Waters, Isaac, G. Mate
Simpson, William, Cook Mears, Bartholomew, Qr. M.
Tunnells, William, Q.M. Tennels, Joseph, Private
Rogers, Henry, Private Collins, Stephen, Private
Collins, James, Private Broadwater, Covington, Private
Andrews, William, Private Taylor, Daniel, Private
Chance, Shadrack, Private Johnston, Isaiah, Private
Warrington, James, Private Taylor, Severn (Levern?), Private
Taylor, Aytres, Private Moore, Stephen, Private
Simpson, Elisha, Private Simpson, Hancock, Private
Warrington, Stephen, Private Bloxsom, George, Private
Bloxsom, Stephen, Private Johnson, John, Private
Darby, Ayres, Private Taylor, Thomas, Private
Paradise, Merit, Private Walker, James, Private
Riggs, William, Private Joynes, Edwd., Private
Macklin, Edwd., Private Kingston, Negro, Private
Towsand, Tho., Private Button, Michael, Private
Tobey, Tho., Private Stewart, Geo., Private
Harris, John, Midship. Bloxsum, Scarborough, Surgeon
Hays, William

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