1920 Census
Selected Pages from Northampton County

From Census Pages scanned by ghote Wayne Stith and indexed by ghote Phyllis Elmore.

Acworth, Bernice B.





Acworth, Della M. Eastville 246-249a
Acworth, Virginia G. Eastville 246-249a
Acworth, Weldon R. Eastville 246-249a
Acworth, William A. Eastville 246-249a
Acworth, William R., Jr. Eastville 246-249a
Addison, Albert Franktown 187-188a
Addison, Berlie Franktown 187-188a
Airs, Luster Franktown 187-188a
Allen, Elizabeth Eastville 329-340a
Allen, Erma Eastville 329-340a
Allen, Fladys Eastville 329-340a
Allen, Lenord Cape Charles 388-431a
Allen, Lillian Eastville 329-340a
Allen, William M. Eastville 329-340a
Ames, Mary Eastville 417-423a
Anderson, George Franktown 187-188a
Anderson, George L. Franktown 187-188a
Anderson, Julia Franktown 187-188a
Anderson, Martha Franktown 1-1a
Anderson, Milton Franktown 187-188a
Applebaugh, B.Antoinette Cape Charles 388-431a
Applebaugh, E. Eva Cape Charles 388-431a
Applebaugh, L. Annie Cape Charles 388-431a
Applebaugh, L. James Cape Charles  388-431a
Applebaugh, P. James Cape Charles 388-431a
Ashby, Clara L. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Earthla M Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, Edith Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, Effie M. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Francis Franktown 224-229a
Ashby, Jake Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, James E. Franktown 224-229a
Ashby, John C. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, John I. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Joseph A. Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, Louellen F. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Marvin D. Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, Mary V. Franktown 224-229a
Ashby, Nancie  Franktown 224-229a
Ashby, Pocohunton Franktown 526-540a
Ashby, Sammie C. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Thomas P. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, Virginia M. Franktown 559-573a
Ashby, William Franktown 224-229a
Ashby, William S. Franktown 559-573a
Bailey, John Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Georgiana Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Isiah Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Jean Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Jennie Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Maggie Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Many Franktown 179-179a
Bailey, Oakley Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Otho Eastville 347-350a
Bailey, Robert Eastville 347-350a
Baily Horace Franktown 77-77a
Baily, Alfred Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Caroline Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Cimore Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Culap Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Francis Franktown 77-77a
Baily, Henry Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Homer Franktown 77-77a
Baily, Joseph Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Leroy Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Maggie Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Marie Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Mary Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Rosa Franktown 208-213a
Baily, Uncie Franktown 208-213a
Banks, Blanch M. Franktown 1-1a
Banks, Flora M. Franktown 1-1a
Banks, George Franktown 1-1a
Baxter, Gertrude Cape Charles 388-431a
Baxter, Mary Cape Charles  388-431a
Baxter, Symond Cape Charles 388-431a
Beach, Clarence Franktown 187-188a
Bell, Bailey Eastville 347-350a
Bell, Bailey Eastville 347-350a
Bell, Carrie R. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, Floyd M. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, Lizzie S. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, Margaret Eastville 347-350a
Bell, Margaret S. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, Moses M. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, Moses M. Franktown 77-77a
Bell, William F. Franktown 77-77a
Bennett, Crawley Eastville 218-222a
Bibbins, Blanch Franktown 1-1a
Bibbins, Custis Franktown 1-1a
Bibbins, Sallie Franktown 1-1a
Bivens, Morris Franktown 179-179a
Bool, Betty Franktown 224-229a
Bool, Clarence Franktown 224-229a
Bool, Hellen Franktown 224-229a
Bool, Marwood Franktown 224-229a
Bool, Pearl Franktown 224-229a
Boole, Cathrine Franktown 137-141a
Boole, Charles Franktown 208-213a
Boole, Clifton Franktown 208-213a
Boole, Elizabeth Franktown 137-141a
Boole, Ethel Franktown 137-141a
Boole, Fannie Franktown 208-213a
Boole, Harriett Franktown 69-75a
Boole, J. A. Franktown 208-213a
Boole, J. D. Franktown 137-141a
Boole, J. D., Jr. Franktown 137-141a
Boole, Jewel Franktown 137-141a
Boole, Mary A. Franktown 69-75a
Boole, Patrick Franktown 69-75a
Boole, Patrick H. Franktown 69-75a
Boole, Rose Franktown 208-213a
Boole, Willie Franktown 69-75a
Boole, Willie Jr. Franktown 69-75a
Boon, Sam Eastville 347-350a
Bowden, Thomas Eastville 218-222a
Bowen, Annie Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, B. T. Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Gladys Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, H. S. Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Harry  Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Harvey Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Macon Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Ralph Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Russell Franktown 349-356a
Bowen, Waldron Franktown 349-356a
Bradford, Tibatha Franktown 69-75a
Brickhouse, Hampton Franktown 22-22a
Brickhouse, Margarette Franktown 22-22a
Brown, Willie Franktown 526-540a
Bundick, Annie Franktown 187-188a
Bundick, Annie Lee Franktown 137-141a
Bundick, Brooks Franktown 137-141a
Bundick, Len C. Franktown 137-141a
Bundick, Robert Franktown 187-188a
Burton, Ezeikel Franktown 22-22a
Burton, Ida Franktown 22-22a
Byrd, A. John Cape Charles 251-263a
Byrd, A. John Cape Charles  251-263a
Byrd, M. Carolinn Cape Charles 251-263a
Byrd, Olin Cape Charles 388-431a
Byrd, Otho L. Franktown 187-188a
Byrd, Otho L. Franktown 187-188a
Byrd, Ruth E. Franktown 187-188a
Byrd, Sarah L. Franktown 187-188a
Caprenter, Sallie Eastville 438-444a
Carpenter, Annie Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Bruce Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Darrell Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Elise Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Hara Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, John Eastville 438-444a
Carpenter, Linda Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Margaret Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Mary Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Mary Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Mattie Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Otho Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Rubard Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Susy Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Thomas Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Willie Franktown 349-356a
Carpenter, Wilton Eastville 417-423a
Carpenter, Y. W. Franktown 349-356a
Chandler, Andrew J. Franktown 526-540a
Chandler, Annie Eastville 438-444a
Chandler, Carrie D. Franktown 526-540a
Chandler, Eacklyn Eastville 438-444a
Chandler, Herbert Eastville 438-444a
Chandler, Hillory Eastville 438-444a
Chandler, John W. Franktown 187-188a
Chandler, Sturbun F. Franktown 526-540a
Chandler, Walter Eastville 438-444a
Chandler, Westley Eastville 438-444a
Charnock, Clarence Eastville 438-444a
Charnock, Estella Eastville 438-444a
Charnock, John R. Eastville 438-444a
Charnock, Mabel Eastville 438-44a
Church, Annie Franktown 526-540a
Church, James Franktown 526-540a
Church, Maggie Franktown 526-540a
Churn, Blanch Franktown 235-239a
Churn, Willie Franktown 235-239a
Coard, Annie Franktown 1-1a
Coard, Fletcher Franktown 1-1a
Coard, Vianna Franktown 1-1a
Collins, Bessie Franktown 22-22a
Collins, Calija Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Edell Franktown 224-229a
Collins, Emma Franktown 22-22a
Collins, Esah Franktown 224-229a
Collins, Fannie Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Georgia Franktown 224-229a
Collins, Harrison P. Eastville 349-350a
Collins, Hissis Franktown 224-229a
Collins, John Franktown 22-22a
Collins, John E. Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Jostph H. Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Lucy A. Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Melvin Franktown 22-22a
Collins, Sanford E. Eastville 347-350a
Collins, Sarah Franktown 224-229a
Collins, Wayman Franktown 22-22a
Conover, Allen Franktown 137-141a
Conover, Bulah Franktown 137-141a
Conover, D. L. Franktown 137-141a
Conover, Ethel Franktown 137-141a
Conover, May Franktown 137-141a
Conover, Ruth Franktown 137-141a
Custis, Maggie Franktown 187-188a
Custis, Martha Franktown 187-188a
Custis, William Franktown 187-188a
Custis, William Franktown 187-188a
Cypress, Amelia B. Eastville 329-340a
Cypress, Clifton P. Eastville 329-340a
Cypress, Henry D. Eastville 329-340a
Cypress, Reania M. Eastville 329-340a
Daughton, Elton Franktown 349-356a
Daughton, Willie Franktown 349-356a
Davis, Elmer Eastville 218-222a
DeWeld, Bettie Eastville 246-249a
DeWeld, Elanor Eastville 246-249a
DeWeld, Herbert Eastville 246-249a
Dix, Bessie Franktown 179-179a
Dix, Elinor Cape Charles 251-263a
Dix, Evelin O. Franktown 22-22a
Dix, Juannitta Franktown 179-179a
Dix, Maggie Franktown 179-179a
Dix, Margaret Franktown 179-179a
Dix, Meton R. Franktown 179-179a
Dix, Nevitt D. Franktown 22-22a
Dix, Severn B. Franktown 179-179a
Dix, T. William Cape Charles 251-263a
Dix, Viola Franktown 22-22a
Dix, Virginia Franktown 179-179a
Dix, William Franktown 179-179a
Dix, William W. Franktown 22-22a
Dixon, Henry Eastville 329-340a
Dixon, Virginia Eastville 329-340a
Doughty, A. Grace Cape Charles 251-263a
Doughty, David Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Edw. Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Elizabeth L. Franktown 1-1a
Doughty, Emily Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, H. John Cape Charles 251-263a
Doughty, John A.. Franktown 1-1a
Doughty, John M. Franktown 1-1a
Doughty, Lillian M. Franktown 1-1a
Doughty, Lillian M. Franktown 1-1a
Doughty, Marvin Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Mary E. Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Milton Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, O. Deby Cape Charles 251-263a
Doughty, Sam Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Sammie Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, Shephard Franktown 349-356a
Doughty, W. Sara Cape Charles 251-263a
Downing, Charles Eastville 438-444a
Downing, Colonna Eastville 417-423a
Downing, Edward Eastville 417-423a
Downing, Fanny M. Eastville 417-423a
Downing, Iola J. Eastville 438-444a
Downing, Otho Eastville 417-423a
Downing, Thomas O. Eastville 438-444a
Downing, Vernon H. Eastville 417-423a
Drummond, Upshur Franktown 208-213a
Dunton, Thomas Eastville 246-249a
Elzey, Pearl Franktown 69-75a
Elzey, W. E. Franktown 69-75a
Evams. Miss Maud Eastville 347-350a
Fass, Charles A. Franktown 22-22a
Fass, Feidea A. Franktown 22-22a
Finney, Chorlie Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Christine Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Gertrude Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Gladys Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Handy Eastville 218-222a
Finney, Ideal Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Katherine Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Lillian Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Mildred Franktown 235-239a
Finney, Willie L. Franktown 235-239a
Fitchett, Carrin M. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, George Eastville 329-340a
Fitchett, Harriett G. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, James G. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, James S. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, Julius Eastville 218-222a
Fitchett, Lillian Eastville 218-222a
Fitchett, Pauline S. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, Pearl E. Eastville 417-423a
Fitchett, Rumoll K. Eastville 417-423a
Fitzgerald, B. Jesse Cape Charles 388-431a
Fitzgerald, M. Fannie Cape Charles, 388-431a
Fletcher, Flossie Eastville 438-444a
Fletcher, George E. Eastville 438-444a
Fletcher, Jackson Eastville 438-444a
Fletcher, Rinthia Eastville 438-444a
Floyd, Richard S. Jr. Eastville 218-222a
Floyd, Sallie Eastville 218-222a
Fordman, George Franktown 77-77a
Fordman, John Franktown 77-77a
Forrest, D. Morill Cape Charles 251-263a
Forrest, H. William Cape Charles 251-263a
Foster, ------------------- Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Charlie Franktown 187-188a
Foster, George Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Gertie Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Jacob Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Lucile Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Minnie Franktown 187-188a
Foster, Sallie Franktown 187-188a
Fuller, George M. Eastville 417-423a
Fuller, Sallie Eastville 417-423a
Garrison, Annie L. Franktown 77-77a
Garrison, Lester Franktown 77-77a
Garrison, Norman H. Franktown 77-77a
Garriwon, Hellen Franktown 77-77a
George, Howard Franktown 208-213a
George, Leonia Franktown 208-213a
George, Roland Franktown 208-213a
George, Serena Franktown 208-213a
George, Severn Franktown 208-213a
Gidding Henry Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, Carry Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, Harry Jr. Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, Laura Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, LIllie May Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, Rosilla Franktown 224-229a
Gidding, Sam Franktown 224-229a
Gladden, Adrien Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Alberta Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Alma Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Andrew Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Anna M. Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Annie Eastville 347-350a
Gladden, Clarence C. Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, Claude Eastville 438-444a
Gladden, Daisy Eastville 438-444a
Gladden, Derwood Franktown 179-179a
Gladden, Dorsey Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Edna Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Edward Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Elain Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Elanore Eastville 347-350a
Gladden, Elton Eastville 347-350a
Gladden, Emma S. Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, Evelyn Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Forest Franktown 179-179a
Gladden, Henry L. Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, James T. Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, John Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, John, Jr. Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, L. Carroll Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, Lee Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, Lois Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Louisa Eastville 438-444a
Gladden, Maggie C. Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Margarette Franktown 179-179a
Gladden, Marion Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, Mary Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, Mary Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Minnie Franktown 179-179a
Gladden, Myrtis Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Nellie Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, Nina Eastville 246-249a
Gladden, Norman Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, Ruth Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Sadie Franktown 69-75a
Gladden, Thelma Eastville 329-340a
Gladden, Thomas J. Eastville 417-423a
Gladden, W. H. Franktown 69-75a
Gladstone, Annie Franktown 208-213a
Gladstone, Bettie Franktown 208-213a
Gladstone, Christine Franktown 179-179a
Gladstone, Henrietta Franktown 179-179a
Gladstone, Joseph Franktown 179-179a
Gladstone, Katherine Franktown 179-179a
Gladstone, L. S. Franktown 208-213a
Gladstone, Mary Franktown 208-213a
Glunt, E. June Cape Charles 251-263a
Glunt, L. Ethel Cape Charles  251-263a
Glunt, R. Rowin Cape Charles 251-263a
Goffigan, C. Linda Cape Charles 251-263a
Goffigan, F. C.Catherine Cape Charles 251-263a
Goffigan,J.. Edwin Cape Charles 251-263a
Goffigon, Bertie Eastville 417-423a
Goffigon, Oliver Eastville 417-423a
Goffigon, Polly Eastville 417-423a
Gray, Alberto Franktown 179-179a
Gray, Celia Franktown 179-179a
Gray, Cornilia Franktown 179-179a
Gray, Elija Franktown 179-179a
Gray, Mrs. Arno Franktown 224-229a
Grimmer, A. Frances Cape Charles 388-431a
Grimmer, C. Edward Cape Charles 388-431a
Grimmer, Conrad Cape Charles 388-431a
Grimmer, F. Mae Cape Charles 388-431a
Grimmer, H. Hellen Cape Charles 388-431a
Grimmer, M. Raymond Cape Charles  388-431a
Gunter, Flossie Franktown 69-75a
Gunter, Maggie Franktown 69-75a
Gunter, Willie Franktown 69-75a
Gunter, Willie C. Franktown 69-75a
Hall, Caroline  Franktown 22-22a
Harmon, Ambrose Franktown 137-141a
Harmon, Ed Lee Franktown 137-141a
Harmon, George Franktown 235-239a
Harmon, LIzzie Franktown 137-141a
Harmon, Martha E. Franktown 137-141a
Harmon, Mollie Franktown 235-239a
Harmon, Virgie Franktown 22-22a
Harris, B. S. Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Bruce Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Chanford Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Edward Franktown 224-229a
Harris, Hazel Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Hellen Franktown 224-229a
Harris, Mary Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Minnie G. Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Minnie V. Franktown 208-213a
Harris, Stella Franktown 208-213a
Hayes, P. Viola Cape Charles 388-431a
Hayes, S. Deal Cape Charles 388-431a
Heath, Ella Eastville 417-423a
Heath, Katherine Eastville 417-423a
Heath, Norman Eastville 417-423a
Hickman, Ginie L. Franktown 224-229a
Hickman, Will Franktown 224-229a
Higby, Ira Eastville 438-444a
Higby, Mina Eastville 438-444a
Higby, Terry Eastville 438-444a
High, K. Crisvin Cape Charles 251-263a
High, V. Evelyn Cape Charles 251-263a
High, W. Evelyn Cape Charles 251-263a
Hinman, Charlie Franktown 1-1a
Hinman, Charlie Franktown 1-1a
Hinman, Fidellia Franktown 1-1a
Hinman, Minnie Franktown 1-1a
Hope, A. Beulha Cape Charles 251-263a
Hope, L. Herbert Cape Charles 251-263a
Hope, M. Edward Cape Charles 251-263a
Hoskins, Ida Franktown 179-179a
Hoskins, Lester Franktown 179-179a
Hudsin, H. Charles Cape Charles 251-263a
Hudsin, M. Annie Cape Charles 251-263a
Hudsin, Mc. Herschel Cape Charles 251-263a
Hudsin, S. Walter Cape Charles 251-263a
Humcit, H. Cecil Cape Charles 251-263a
Humcit, H. Cecil Cape Charles 251-263a
Humcit, J. Annie Cape Charles 251-263a
Humcit, L. Margrat Cape Charles 251-263a
Isdell, Davis Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Davis Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Dorothy Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Evelyn Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, John W. Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Mary Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Nonnie Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Sallie Eastville 438-444a
Isdell, Woodrow Eastville 438-444a
Jacob, Elizabeth Eastville 246-249a
Jacob, Richard Eastville 246-249a
Jacob, Richard Eastville 246-249a
Jacob, Vennesa Eastville 246-249a
John, Highby Eastville 438-444a
Johnson, Alph T. Franktown 77-77a
Johnson, Annie E. Franktown 235-239a
Johnson, Auroura Franktown 22-22a
Johnson, Cecil Franktown 559-573a
Johnson, Charlie Franktown 235-239a
Johnson, Charlie L. Franktown 235-239a
Johnson, Elison Franktown 559-573a
Johnson, Eva E. Franktown 235-239a
Johnson, Evelyn S. Franktown 235-239a
Johnson, Ida E. Franktown 77-77a
Johnson, Jeff Franktown 22-22a
Johnson, Margaret A. Franktown 77-77a
Johnson, Mary Eastville  347-350a
Johnson, Walkley E. Franktown 77-77a
Johnson, Wellington Franktown 22-22a
Johnson, William L. Franktown 235-239a
Joynes, A. B. Franktown 349-356a
Joynes, Abel T. Eastville 246-249a
Joynes, Billie A. Franktown 349-356a
Joynes, Lias  Eastville 417-423a
Joynes, Lloyd Eastville 417-423a
Joynes, Lloyd Eastville 417-423a
Joynes, Mary E. Franktown 349-356a
Joynes, Mary J. Eastville 246-249a
Joynes, Rebecca Eastville 417-423a
Karpa, Annie Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, John Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, Josephine Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, Mattie Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, Stock Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, Stock Cape Charles 388-431a
Karpa, William Cape Charles 388-431a
Kellam, Annie Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Annie M. Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Bettie Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Earl Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Frank Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Harry C. Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Harry R. Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Henry Franktown 559-573s
Kellam, James E. Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, James M. Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Katherine L. Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Lilly Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Sam Franktown 187-188a
Kellam, Sarah Franktown 235-239a
Kellam, Sidney Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Susan Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Tabitha Franktown 187-188a
Kellam, Willie Franktown 559-573a
Kellam, Willie L. Franktown 235-239a
Kelly, Florence Eastville 417-423a
Kelly, Thomas Eastville 417-423a
Killman, Annie Franktown 526-540a
Killman, John R. Franktown 526-540a
Killman, Lillie Franktown 526-540a
Killman, Manie Franktown 526-540a
Killmon, Addie Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Charles H. Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Charlie H. Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Claude W. Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Crip Franktown 77-77a
Killmon, Emma Franktown 349-356a
Killmon, Etta Franktown 349-356a
Killmon, Franky Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Georgia Franktown 559-573a
Killmon, Grace Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Howard Franktown 235-239a
Killmon, Indie Eastville 218-222a
Killmon, Jeff D. Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Jeff D. Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, John C. Franktown 559-573a
Killmon, John H. Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Kittie Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Leura Eastville 218-222a
Killmon, LUla M. Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Myrtis Franktown 22-22a
Killmon, Ola A. Franktown 1-1a
Killmon, Othu Eastville 218-222a
Killmon, Wayman Eastville 218-222a
Kishbaugh, Lophie Franktown 1-1a
Knight, John, Jr. Eastville 329-340a
Kurbner, Ivy Cape Charles 251-263a
Langdon, Nellie Franktown 77-77a
Langdon, William S. Franktown 77-77a
Laturn, Edward Franktown 137-141a
Laturn, George Franktown 137-141a
Laturn, Ida Franktown 137-141a
Laturn, Kate Franktown 137-141a
Lewis, Isabelle M. Franktown 179-179a
Lewis, Robert J. Franktown 179-179a
Lewis, Rufus M. Franktown 179-179a
Lewis, Sudie Franktown 179-179a
Lewis, Theodore Eastville 438-444a
Lewis, William T. Franktown 179-179a
Lingo, Blanch Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Burly Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Ethel Franktown 22-22a
Lingo, James Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, LIllie Franktown 22-22a
Lingo, Louise Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Monroe Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Shelby J. Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Susie L. Franktown 22-22a
Lingo, Walter Franktown 559-573a
Lingo, Willard O. Franktown 22-22a
MaGuinn, MIlton Franktown 187-188a
Mapp Phillip C. Eastville 329-340a
Mapp, Carrie Eastville 246-249a
Mapp, Clarence Eastville 246-249a
Mapp, David D Eastville 246-249a
Mapp, Dudley Eastville 246-249a
Mapp, Ernest Franktown 137-141a
Mapp, J. I. Franktown 137-141a
Mapp, Lillian B. Eastville 329-340a
Mapp, Louise Franktown 137-141a
Mapp, Maggie T. Franktown 137-141a
Mapp, Mary Franktown 137-141a
Mapp, Reginol Franktown 137-141a
Massey, Annie Franktown 69-75a
Massey, James Franktown 69-75a
Massey, James Jr. Franktown 69-75a
Mears, Benjamin Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Carroll J. Eastville 329-340a
Mears, Ethel Franktown 187-188a
Mears, Grace Eastville 438-444a
Mears, John Eastville 438-444a
Mears, John L. Franktown 187-188a
Mears, John L. Franktown 187-188a
Mears, John M. Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Julia Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Margaret Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Margie Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Nora B. Eastville 329-340a
Mears, Ruth Eastville 438-444a
Mears, Sheppard W. Eastville 329-340a
Mears, Thomas W. Franktown 187-188a
Melvin, Ella Franktown 349-356a
Melvin, George Franktown 349-356a
Merrett, Bessie Franktown 137-141a
Merrett, Frank Franktown 137-141a
Milby, David H. Eastville 246-249a
Miller, Carrie Franktown 77-77a
Miller, Dorothy Franktown 77-77a
Mister, F. John Cape Charles 388-431a
Mister, H. Mary Cape Charles 388-431a
Mitchell, Claude A. Franktown 179-179a
Moore, Clifton E. Eastville 329-340a
Moore, Henrietta Eastville 329-340a
Moore, K. MIldred Cape Charles 388-431a
Moore, K. Virginia Cape Charles 388-431a
Moore, Leonard W. Eastville 329-340a
Moore, Mayfield B. Eastville 329-340a
Morris, James W. Franktown 22-22a
Morris, Roxie Franktown 22-22a
Morris, Ruth E. Franktown 22-22a
Morris, V. Isve Cape Charles 251-263a
Morris, Willard O. Franktown 22-22a
Morris, William L. Franktown 22-22a
Mosley, E. Charles Cape Charles 388-431a
Mosley, S. Catherine Cape Charles 388-431a
Neighbors, B. ------------ Cape Charles 388-431a
Neighbors, L. Edmond Cape Charles  388-431a
Neighbors, M. William Cape Charles 388-431a
Nelson, Catherine Eastville 329-340a
Nelson, Clifton F. Eastville 329-340a
Nelson, Frank Eastville 329-340a
Nelson, Susie Eastville 329-340a
Nottingham, Andrew Eastville 246-249a
Nottingham, Jannie Eastville 218-222a
Nottingham, Jerusha Eastville 246-249a
Nottingham, Lawrence Eastville 218-222a
Nottingham, Mary A. Eastville 218-222a
Nottingham, Truman R Eastville 218-222a
Nuons, Milton Eastville 218-222a
Orton, B. Ames Cape Charles  388-431a
Orton, B. Syna Cape Charles 388-431a
Owen, F. William Cape Charles 388-431a
Phillips, A. T. Franktown 349-356a
Phillips, Annie Franktown 349-356a
Pool, Annie Franktown 137-141a
Pool, Etta M. Franktown 137-141a
Pool, Georgia C. Franktown 137-141a
Pool, Henry Franktown 137-141a
Pool, Mary N. Franktown 137-141a
Pool, Wm. Henry Franktown 137-141a
Post, A. Ruth Cape Charles 388-431a
Post, E. Charles Cape Charles 388-431a
Post, F. Edgar Cape Charles 388-431a
Prettyman, Clarence J. Franktown 187-188a
Prettyman, Florence Franktown 187-188a
Reed, Clarence Franktown 77-77a
Reed, George Franktown 77-77a
Reed, Henry Eastville 218-222a
Reed, John H. Eastville 218-222a
Reed, Laura Franktown 77-77a
Reed, Martha J. Eastville 218-222a
Reed, Mary F. Eastville 218-222a
Reed, Symson Eastville 218-222a
Reed, Virgil Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Agnes Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Alma Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Charles Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Harry Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Joe Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Louis Franktown 77-77a
Rehl, Myrin Franktown 77-77a
Rehl. Ethel Franktown 77-77a
Richards, John J. Franktown 22-22a
Richardson, Edward Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Edward Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Effie Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Elizabeth Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Marie Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Mary Eastville 218-222a
Richardson, Thelma Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Authur S. Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, Carrie W. Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, Edmund Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Elizabeth Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Evie L. Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, Gladdis Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, Lena P. Eastville 349-350a
Roberts, Lenora Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, Lucile Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Luther Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Mrs. LIla Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Ruth Eastville 218-222a
Roberts, Walter Eastville 347-350a
Roberts, William Eastville 347-350a
Robins, Everett L. Franktown 179-179a
Robins, Jack Franktown 349-356a
Robins, Mary Franktown 349-356a
Robins, Willard Franktown 526-540a
Robinson, Bernice Franktown 187-188a
Robinson, Howard Franktown 187-188a
Robinson, Laura F. Franktown 187-188a
Rogers, Autha Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Brooksie Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Homar Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Julie Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Mary Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Nannie Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Neal Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Neal Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Ostric Franktown 559-573a
Rogers, Verna Franktown 559-573a
Ross, Madaline Cape Charles 388-431a
Ryan, Milton Eastville 417-423a
Sacrborough, Katherine Franktown 179-179a
Sample, Eugene Eastville 347-350a
Sample, Eugene D. Eastville 347-350a
Sample, Laiah Franktown 235-239a
Sample, Margaret Eastville 347-350a
Sample, Mattie Eastville 347-350a
Sample, Sudie Eastville 347-350a
Sample, Wayman Franktown 77-77a
Sample, William Franktown 235-239a
Sanders, Willie Franktown 187-188a
Satchel, Margarite Eastville 347-350a
Satchell, Chas. Franktown 69-75a
Satchell, Mary V. Franktown 69-75a
Satchell, Rosa A. Franktown 69-75a
Satchell, Wesley Franktown 69-75a
Savage, Charlotte B. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Emory A. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Emory J. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, James K. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, LIllie M. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Maggie S. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Margarette S. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Percy C. Franktown 235-239a
Savage, Percy C. Franktown 235-239a
Scarborough, ---------- Franktown 179-179a
Scott, E. Virgil Cape Charles 251-263a
Scott, Janie Cape Charles 251-263a
Scott, W. George Cape Charles  251-263a
Scott, W. Hector Cape Charles 251-263a
Shelton, Albert Franktown 179-179a
Shelton, Lizzie Franktown 179-179a
Shelton, Mollie Franktown 179-179a
Shephard, Chrystine Franktown 208-213a
Shephard, John Franktown 208-213a
Shephard, Maggie Franktown 208-213a
Shephard, McKinley Franktown 208-213a
Shephard, Washington Franktown 208-213a
Shepherd, Lloyd Franktown 1-1a
Shepherd, Mary Franktown 1-1a
Shields, Edwin Franktown 208-213a
Shields, George Franktown 208-213a
Shields, Oklahoma Franktown 208-213a
Shields, Preston Franktown 208-213a
Shields, Ruth Franktown 208-213a
Shields, Sydney Franktown 208-213a
Shockley, Ava Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Hellen Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Leslie Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Loletta Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Marion Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Mayhew Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, Nannie Franktown 179-179a
Shockley, William Franktown 179-179a
Simpkins, Aron Eastville 347-350a
Simpkins, Charles E. Eastville 347-350a
Simpkins, Irene Eastville 347-350a
Simpson, Biby Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Burleigh Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Clayton Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Clive Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Hilda Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Lester Franktown 349-356a
Simpson, Lottie Franktown 349-356a
Smith, Alonzo Eastville 417-423a
Smith, Annie Franktown 235-239a
Smith, Edward Eastville 218-222a
Smith, Edward I Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Edward T. Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Elnor C Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Elnor C. Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Grant Eastville 218-222a
Smith, Gray Eastville 347-350a
Smith, James R. Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Lucy Franktown 137-141a
Smith, Paul Eastville 347-350a
Smith, Robert E. Franktown 137-141a
Smith, Robert E. Franktown 137-141a
Smith, Thomas H. Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Upshur Franktown 235-239a
Smith, Virginia M. Eastville 329-340a
Smith, Willie Franktown 235-239a
Smullen, Frank M. Eastville 246-249a
Smullen, Mary E. Eastville 246-249a
Sparrow, William W. Franktown 559-573a
Stachel, Elma A. Eastville 347-350a
Stafford, Daniel Jr. Eastville 329-340a
Stafford, Mario Eastville 329-340a
Stafford, Ruth Eastville 329-340a
Stafford, Susan Eastville 329-340a
Stanely, Garland M. Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Garland Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Horace W. Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Mary Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Mary S. Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Oran Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Virgie Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Virginia Franktown 526-540a
Stanley, Warnon Franktown 526-540a
Starchia, ------------- Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, Bessie Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, Christine Eastville 218-222a
Starchia, Ethel M. Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, George R. Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, Georgia Eastville 218-222a
Starchia, Ira Eastville 218-222a
Starchia, John Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, John, Jr. Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, Lorenzo Eastville 218-222a
Starchia, Mary Eastville 246-249a
Starchia, Thomas Eastville 218-222a
Steven, Alice Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, ---------------- Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, ---------------- Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, Augustus Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, Catherine Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, Dorothy Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, Samuel Franktown 526-540a
Stevens, William Franktown 526-540a
Stewart, Attola Franktown 559-573a
Stewart, Charles Eastville 218-222a
Stewart, Edna Franktown 559-573a
Stewart, Edward Eastville 218-222a
Stewart, Edward Franktown 559-573a
Stewart, Edward Franktown 559-573a
Stewart, John Eastville 218-222a
Stewart, Tabitha Eastville 218-222a
Stiles, Forrest Eastville 438-444a
Stiles, Henry Eastville 438-444a
Stiles, Herman Eastville 438-444a
Stiles, Horace Eastville 438-444a
Stiles, Julia Eastville 438-444a
Stratton, Innis Franktown 235-239a
Stratton, Molly Franktown 235-239a
Stratton, Thomas Franktown 235-239a
Stratton, Toni Franktown 235-239a
Sturgis, Earnest W. Franktown 69-75a
Sturgis, Geo. Alfred Franktown 69-75a
Sturgis, Jno. Franktown 69-75a
Sturgis, John H. Franktown 69-75a
Sturgis, Ralph E. Franktown 69-75a
Sturgis, Sallie Franktown 69-75a
Sweeney, B. Grace Cape Charles 388-431a
Sweeney, M. Dora Cape Charles 388-431a
Sweeney., B. Wilber Cape Charles 388-431a
Tailor, James Franktown 235-239a
Tatum, Bertie Franktown 69-75a
Tatum, John Franktown 69-75a
Tatum, John, Jr. Franktown 69-75a
Tatum, Lizzie Franktown 69-75a
Tatum, LIzzie Franktown 69-75a
Tatum, Ray Franktown 69-75a
Taylor, Allie P. Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, Alvin Eastville 246-249a
Taylor, Archie Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, Edward R. Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, Edwin Eastville 246-249a
Taylor, Ella B. Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, Ella D. Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, Floria Eastville 246-249a
Taylor, Harry Eastville 246-249a
Taylor, Harry L., Jr. Eastville 246-249a
Taylor, Linwood P. Franktown 1-1a
Taylor, William Franktown 1-1a
Thomas, Albert Eastville 218-222a
Thomas, Exter Eastville 347-350a
Thomas, George W. Eastville 329-340a
Thomas, Maggie Eastville 347-350a
Thompson, D. Fredrick Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, E. Florence Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, F. Julian Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, J. W illiam Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, J. William Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, R. John Cape Charles 251-263a
Thompson, V. Stephen Cape Charles 251-263a
Trader, P. Asa Cape Charles 251-263a
Trader, V. Annie Cape Charles 251-263a
Trower, George Franktown 235-239a
Truitt, J. Charles Cape Charles 251-263a
Truitt, Thomas Eastville 218-222a
Turner ?, Belle Eastville 417-423a
Turner ?, Floyd Eastville 417-423a
Turner, Allen Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Allen Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Bernard Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Edward T. Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Elmer Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Estelle Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Hamilton Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Harriot Eastville 218-222a
Turner, Haywood Franktown 224-229a
Turner, John E. Franktown 224-229a
Turner, John L. Franktown 224-229a
Turner, John T. Franktown 526-540a
Turner, LIllian Franktown 187-188a
Turner, Lillian Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Lona Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Madge Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Mary Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Mary Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Maryanitti Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Nettie Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Nettie B. Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Nola Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Prentice Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Ralph Franktown 224-229a
Turner, Ralph J. Franktown 187-188a
Turner, Richard G. Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Sarah Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Vernon Franktown 526-540a
Turner, Virginia Franktown 224-229a
Twiford, Alfred Franktown 1-1a
Twiford, Francis K. Franktown 22-22a
Twiford, Sarah E. Franktown 22-22a
Twiford, Thomas O. Franktown 22-22a
Upshur, Anne R. Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Caroline D. Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Christie Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, H. B. Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, John Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Juanita Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Maggie Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Maggie Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Mary V. Franktown 208-213a
Upshur, Roberta Franktown 224-229a
Upshur, Wilmer D. Franktown 224-229a
Vail, Richartd D. Franktown 77-77a
Veonie, George Franktown 1-1a
Veonie, George Franktown 1-1a
Veonie, Lizzie Franktown 1-1a
Veonie, Mary Franktown 1-1a
Walker, Eddie W. Franktown 22-22a
Walker, Eddie W. Franktown 22-22a
Walker, Frank J. Franktown 22-22a
Walker, Jessie I. Franktown 22-22a
Walker, Lena Y Franktown 22-22a
Walker, Thelma P. Franktown 22-22a
Wallace, Earl Franktown 137-141a
Wallace, Mary J. Franktown 137-141a
Wallace, Stanley Franktown 137-141a
Ward, Beatrice Franktown 137-141a
Ward, C. I. Franktown 69-75a
Ward, Edna Eastville 417-423a
Ward, Elizabeth Eastville 417-423a
Ward, Ella Eastville 246-249a
Ward, Gordon Eastville 246-249a
Ward, John J. Eastville 246-249a
Ward, Mabel Eastville 246-249a
Ward, Nettie  Franktown 187-188a
Ward, Virginia Eastville 417-423a
Ward, Walton Franktown 137-141a
Ward, William Eastville 417-423a
Ward, William Eastville 417-423a
Ward, Woodrow Eastville 417-423a
Washington, B. T. Franktown 69-75a
Washington, Bay Celia Franktown 69-75a
Washington, Emma Franktown 69-75a
Washington, Peter Franktown 69-75a
Washington, Peter Jr. Franktown 69-75a
Webb, Allie Franktown 137-141a
Webb, Billie Franktown 77-77a
Webb, Blanden Franktown 137-141a
Webb, Edna T. Franktown 77-77a
Webb, Ellen Franktown 137-141a
Webb, George Franktown 137-141a
Webb, George T. Franktown 77-77a
Webb, Tommy Franktown 77-77a
Webb, Willie  Franktown 77-77a
Wesccott, Mary Franktown 1-1a
Wescott, Alice Franktown 1-1a
Wescott, Jeff Franktown 1-1a
Wescott, Thomas Franktown 224-229a
Wesley, Annie Franktown 77-77a
West, Felix Franktown 187-188a
West, Hopsie Franktown 187-188a
West, Minnie E. Franktown 77-77a
West, Rogers S. Franktown 77-77a
West, Rogers S. Franktown 77-77a
Whaley, Albert Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Charles Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Charles Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Ida Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Irene Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Maggie Franktown 1-1a
Whaley, Marjie Franktown 1-1a
White, James Franktown 179-179a
White, Mattie Franktown 179-179a
White, Same Franktown 179-179a
White, Viana Franktown 22-22a
White, Walter Franktown 179-179a
Williams, Martha Cape Charles 251-263a
Williams, Mary Franktown 137-141a
Wilson, Clinton Franktown 208-213a
Wilson, Idella Eastville 247-350a
Wilson, Joseph Franktown 208-213a
Wilson, Lillian Eastville 347-350a
Wilson, Sylvester Franktown 208-213a
Winder, Eva Franktown 187-188a
Winder, John Franktown 187-188a
Winder, Norma Eastville 347-350a
Wood, Harvey S. Franktown 77-77a
Wright, Carrie M. Eastville 329-340a
Wright, James L. Eastville 329-340a
Wright, James T. Eastville 329-340a
Wright, Mario R. Eastville 329-340a
Wright, Patsy E. Eastville 329-340a
Wright, William R. Eastville 329-340a
Wyatt, Lena Franktown 559-573a


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