Who Was William Joynes, Jr.?


Long-time Joynes researcher, Ghote Ruth Williams, has sent us this reminder of the value of Virginiaís Order Books. Read her account of discovering the parents of William Joynes, Jr.


Who Was William Joynes, Jr.?

I have been researching the Joynes family for many years and I could not find why William Joynes (Edward, Edmund) named his son Levin in his will of 1775 but named his widow Margaret, when I knew that Levin Joynes' Mother was Sarah Gascoyne. Marriage bonds state that William Joynes married Margaret Mears on 2 December 1774.

William Joynes made a will 30 January 1775 and it was probated 28 February 1775 (Accomac Will book 1772-1777 Page 303).

Margaret Joynes made her will on 14 March 1787 and it was probated 25 January 1798 (Accomac will book 1788-1794 Page 357). She gave her whole estate to her brother Solomon until her son, William Joynes, Jr. arrives to age 21. Solomon is to bring up William, school him and pay Margaretís debts. She named the slaves she was leaving and if William had no heirs, her estate was to go to her brother Solomon. She also gave some articles to her Goddaughters.

Williams Joynes Jr. was born 2 December 1775. In 1791, he was old enough to choose his own guardian and he chose John Mears, son of Elisha (Accomac Order book 1790-1793). On 29 September 1807 William was declared insane' by John Custis, John Burton and John Cropper. (Accomac Order Book 1807- 1809). The court appointed John Mears to be committee' to take care of and manage the estate of William Joynes. (What happened to William? Did he have a serious illness or a head injury?)

On 30 May 1825, John G. Joynes, Walter L Bayne and Levin S. Joynes, Nephews of William, posted bond, and John G. Joynes was made Committee' of William Joynes, a lunatic, for safe keeping and good management of his estate. John would account to William in case of his recovery of his reason (Accomac Order book 1824 page 520). When John G. Joynes died, his executors ordered that William Parramore Jr. be committee' to settle and adjust the account of William Joynes (Accomac Order Book 1810-1842 page 196, 22 February 1841).

Orphans Court Record of Accomac 1836-1847 gave an accounting of William's estate until his death 1 June 1835. His estate of $636.60 was distributed among the children of Levin Joynes7 dec'd who was the only brother of William Joynes, Dec'd.

I have never seen any mention of William Joynes, Jr., in any Biography of any Joynes. Without Order Books, he and his Parents would remain a mystery.

Ruth E Williams

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