This letter was written for Holly Crockett. Holly sent a message to VA-ROOTS to see if someone subscribed to that maillist could tell her more about her Crockett family. Priscilla Crockett Beachbord, a member of GHOTES, prepared the reply that appears below.

Dear Holly Crockett,

Your family is very old and began over a thousand years ago in France. Are you surprised? The word means "little hook" and the little buds or curls that decorate the spires of cathedrals are called "crocketts." In 1066 a French duke named William who lived in the province of Normandy decided to conquer England, and he did. He became known as William the Conqueror. Of course, he took an army with him and after the Norman Invasion was over, these men from Normandy stayed in England as an occupying army. The first English Crocketts, the de Crukets, appeared about this time.

In the 1600's the French king decided that France should be totally Catholic, and that he would make Protestants so unhappy that they would leave France. Many of these Crocketts, who were Protestants, moved first to England, Scotland and Ireland, and then to the United States. Samuel Crockett came to Augusta County, Virginia from Bantry Bay, Ireland in 1715.

Crocketts first settled in Maine, Maryland and Virginia, but soon they were moving to Delaware, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. Today we Crocketts may be in all fifty states.

The most famous American named Crockett was Davy Crockett. Davy was a Congressman. He also who fought at the Battle of the Alamo in Texas.

I hope that this is a help and that you pass your grade level with flying colors.

Priscilla Crockett

Member of the GHOTES Discussion Group

© 1996 by Priscilla Crockett Beachbord

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