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The following letter is owned by Mrs. Chas. Dennis (Laura) of Franktown, Virginia 23354 and her sisters who are Goffigon descendents. The author was the lighthouse-keeper on Smith Island, and this letter was written to his daughter-in-law, Linda. (She was the wife of his son, John Goffigon). He died three days after writing to Linda, leaving no will. Thus this letter can be considered as a nuncuperative will. Some of the above facts were supplied by Nancy H. Garrett, Cheriton, Va. Copied and typed by Jean M. Mihalyka in July, 1986.

Linda If I die on this Island I want you to see that I am buryed alongside on My dear wife. I do not want any cloth clothing put on me. I want to be buryed in the old fashion way with white shirt, drawers and socks and a white cambric or flannel rapper. I want to go in white robes when I leave this world.

What little property I leave I want distributed (To wit) Nannie to have my old gold piece, trunk and spie glass, writing desk & book case & Bible. I want you to have my Bedstead, bed matrass & covering. I want John to have all of my clothing, & chairs, settea & all other things I have not mentioned. My brass Andirons to be kept for my gand Son Edwin Goffigon, after paying my burial expences if any money is left, I want my gand Son Edwin Nottingham to have it

Edwin Goffigon
the 13 March 1882

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