Deed Book 6, p. 356

This indenture made this thirteenth day of February anno Domine one thousand Eight hundred Between Nathaniel Littleton Savage of New Kent County and Giles Cooke of the county of Berkeley, state of Virginia. Witnesseth that the said Savage dec’d. devised in his will to the said Giles Cooke four hundred acres of land in Berkeley County which he purchased of Isaac Beal as by a deed dated the 23rd of September 1773 and recorded in the said county of Berkeley will more fully appear be the same more or less and all houses, buildings, orchards, ways waters and appurtenances unto the said Giles Cook his heirs executors administrators and assigns, and lastly the said Nathaniel Littleton Savage one of the executors of the aforesaid Nathaniel Littleton Savage dec’d all and singular the premises hereby granted unto the said Giles Cooke his heirs and assigns do warrant and defend all the claims of all premises claiming by from or under thence. In Witness whereof the said Nathaniel Littleton Savage has hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written.

In the presence of Nathaniel Littleton Savage (?)

William Bailey, B.Keinsingham (Could be II or III or Jr.??)

T Moody, Lewis Hosple

George Wilkinson

At a court held for the county of New Kent on Thursday the 13th day of February 1800 the within Indenture was proved in open court by the oaths of William Bailey, Benjamin Keinzingham and Thomas Moody three of the witnesses thereto subscribed, and the same was ordered to be certified by the court to the the county court Berkeley.

Teste: W.B.Clayton C N K Ct.

{Examined and allowed

to John Moore}

At a court continued and held for Berkeley county the 24th day of June 1800 This Indenture was produced duly authenticated from the county court of New Kent and ordered to be Recorded.

Teste: I. Bedinger CBC

{Transcribed by A. B. Ponder, May 2002. NOTE: The signature of Nathaniel Littleton Savage must have been, "Jr."}

Updated on 9 February 2004

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