Elizabeth Garris: Deed of Gift to her Children

Elizabeth Garris
Deed of Gift to her Children
Northamption Co., VA

Deed of Gift

Know all men by these presont, that I Elizabeth Garris of the Co of North hamption VA , witness by these present give and grant by this deposition of my husband, Amos Garris, deceased, on hend mill and frame and one good pewter dish and plate and one midel ware chest to my son Amos Garris, and also to my son Thomas Garris, one iron pott of abt 4 or 5 gal and one pewter dish and plate now" and one gun and sorde to my son John Garris one iron pott and one new pewter dish and plate and one iron spitt and to my dau Elizabeth Garris, one iron pott and a new pewter dish and plate and a feather bed and bolster and blankets and a rugg and a sheet, and to my dau, Martha, i too give one iron pott and pewter dish and plate and also one simple ring of gould and one silvor that is at my decease, the ring and with the possession of the ring maken this you soo. Remainder me: and I also too give 5 head of cattle bred in the 6 sows to raise amongst my five children till the least of them shall come tothe yrs of 18 and then to go shared amongst them equally with my well beloved freind, Essau Garris and Richard Garris to so it

To any quantity more than ordinarily there for them whom I shall appoint to disposition of them and turn it into some other things for the good of my children that any shall think well and for the true performance herself I have set my hand the 27th day of December 1709

wit: Edward P. Garris, Mary Garris 28 Jan 1709

Thou has above said deed of gift was acknowledged in open ct of the said ct by Elizabeth Garris and now Elizabeth Waterson and by the counseul of her new husband Richard Waterson to be her rouht acr and deed to her said children and at her request and her husband Richard Waterson, it is ordered to be reocrded test Robert Hawson

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