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THE HOLY BIBLE Wm.Garrettson & Co. St.Louis, Mo.; San Francisco, Calif.; Chicago,Ill.
[no date] Found in a Bible at "Fiddlers' Flee Market," Exmore,Va. by Faye D. Wilson in December, 1987. Mrs.Wilson also found the Family Burial Plot following the directions of Hazel C.Gladden (Mrs.Forrest) the following January. This old, greatly overgrown plot was missed when compiling "Graven Stones of Accomack CO, Va..." but will be recorded in a reprinting. Typed by Jean M. Mihalyka in July, 1988.

Isma G.Wyatt was married to Margaret B.Thompson June the 11, 1854

George Wooden of Baltimore, Md married to Annie Scarbrough of Va. October 22,1874

Henry Clay Scarbrough to Lydia J. Stevenson of New Orleans, La. married March 28,1878


Isma Wyatt Wooden the Son of George and Annie Wooden bornd 22nd September, 1875


Isma G.Wyatt the son of Isma Wyatt and Polly his wife departed this life July 24, 1879


Isma G.Wyatt Son of Isma & Polly (Gunter) his wife was born 18th September 1822. Accomac Co.


To the west of the railroad tracks just north of the Northampton- Accomack County line. In heavy undergrowth with piles of dirt and broken roadbed scattered over the site. Several stones are covered and will have to be dug out.


William K.Matthews, son of Lewis R. & Ader T. Born November 24, 1821 Died February 12, 1855

Mary A.E.Matthews, daughter of Wm.K.& Elizabeth Ann May 11, 1853 - July 20, 1854

Susan A. daughter of Wm.K.& Elizabeth Ann Matthews August 12, 1846- July 29, 1854

Eliza, wife of John Churn & daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Abdell February 22, 1808 - August 3, 1874 Age 66 years,6 months,11 days

John son of John and Mary Churn November 19, 1794 - July 2, 1872 Age 77 years 7 months 13 days

George F. son of John and Elizabeth Churn February 3, 1845 - June 9, 1865

Isma G.Wyatt son of John and Polly Wyatt September 18, 1822 - July 24, 1879 Husband of M.B.Thompson Married June 11, 1854

Margaret A.R.Smith June 24, 1813 - August 11, 1888

James P.Smith August 5, 1808 - April 12, 1853 Age 44yrs 8mos 7dys

E. V. Wyatt wife of Arthur Wyatt daughter of Dr. E. W. P. Downing June 30, 1832 - June 13, 1866


Nathaniel B.Turner December 13, 1778 - June 5, 1850 Age71 yrs 5mos 22dys

Mrs.Ann Turner July 29, 1783 - January 25, 1857


M W B [Mary W. Brown]
N L B [Norris L.Brown]

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