GHOTES 2002 Registration Form

This is your online registration form for the GHOTES conference. If you would like to see the schedule of events for the conference, click HERE.


1.  Complete the form by typing the requested information in each box. Click on the "Submit" button. This will send the form and add your name to the list of participants.

2.  We aren't capable of taking credit card orders yet, so you'll need to send a check. Make the check payable to "GHOTES Conference" and mail it to: Betsey Norgard, 1556 Hillview Rd., Shoreview, MN 55126. Important: Please enclose a copy of this form (completed) or a note with a reminder of what you are requesting.

See you there!

Please provide the following contact information:


Zip/Postal code
Telephone ()


In the box below, please enter the names of the families you are researching, separated by commas. List the primary or most important name first, followed by the second most important, etc. Enter as many as six names.

If you know where your families lived—the town or even the county—please indicate the place in the box below. We'll use the information to plan some of the map workshop.

How many persons are being registered for the conference, including the Reception, with this form?  The conference fee is $90 per person, all events for all five days included (Reception, too) except the banquet.
NOTE: If you are using this form for conference registration for more than one person, please be sure to provide the additional names and family names here:


How many GHOTES Eastern Shore Traditional Banquet tickets (The Trawler, September 27) do you wish to purchase? The price is $19.50 per ticket. tickets

How many extra Reception tickets (Kerr Place, Sept. 23) do you wish to purchase? The price is $15.00 per ticket. Remember, one ticket is included with each conference registration.   extra tickets

Amount you will send:

    for conference registration         $ 

    for extra Reception participants         $ 

    for banquet  $

Total:  $

Last revised: September 30, 2004